Monday, August 20, 2012

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review and Giveaway

One of the down sides of being a stay-at-home mom, especially during the summer, is that there is really no reason to put on make-up or do your hair in a cute style on a daily basis.  I don't have to get up early to take the kids to school, so no one sees what I look like.  I figure, as long as I run a brush through my hair, I did a good thing!  I hate to spend a lot of time getting ready and with three kiddos (one of which is an infant) it's hard to do anyway. The flat iron only touches my hair if I have a date with my husband.  This being said, I, like all women, love to feel pretty!  

The two clips I received are on top, a medium Simple Band Black Nickel and a large Divinely Framed Jewel

I was very excited when Carrie contacted me to do the review for Lilla Rose!  For the purpose of this review, I received two Flexi Clips in a medium and large size.  Honestly, I didn't expect much opening the package, because I have tried a ton of different clips and no clip is ever strong enough to hold all of my heavy, super-thick hair.  Holding it in my hand for the first time, I realized this clip is very different than most others.  It is actually made of metal and is decorated with pretty beading.  The Flexi looks very similar to a hair decoration from the 70's.  A leather band with a stick that passes through it to hold the hair.  I've tried those, they don't work for me!  The Flexi takes this concept and builds on it.  The pin is attached to the clip itself for easy, one-handed use.  Simply put the pin under the hair and slide the loop over it.  The loop catches on one of  three notches under the pin and stays securely in place.  

Upon putting the clip in my hair for the first  time, I realized I never knew what I was missing until I found it!  The Flexi Clip holds MY hair! It didn't feel loose or feel like my hair was slipping out of the clip.  My hair stays where I put it.  ALL DAY!  How amazing is that?  

I should also tell you that I have a sensitive head when it comes to hair accessories.  Molded headbands give me headaches.  Ponytail holders give me headaches.  Bobby Pins give me headaches (when I have a ton in my hair in an updo.)  The Flexi Clip does NOT give me a headache!  I have been wearing it on a daily basis for over a week now, and not once have I gotten a headache from wearing it. 

The Flexi Clip comes in 7 sizes ranging from mini to Mega and holds all types of hair, even extra long and super thick, as well as, curly or very thin hair.  The key to the amazing Flexi, however, is sizing it properly.  You can see the sizing video here, to help you decide what size Flexi Clip is right for your hair and the styles you want to wear it in.  

This is the August's Flexi Of the Month-Treasures of the Sea

7 Flexi Clip Sizes for every hair type

This is my hair in a French Twist (picture taken by my eleven-year old son!)

If you have any questions about sizing , please contact Carrie through her website.  She is an amazing consultant and a wealth of knowledge!  Visit her website to watch all the amazing videos that show you the different styles in which you can wear your Flexi Clip.  My favorite style right now is the tails-up, and I am currently working on mastering the french twist.  The really great thing about this clip, is that you don't have to be great at styling your hair to use it and it is fast and easy to do!  That makes it a win in my book.  The only drawback?  Making up your mind about which design you want!  

Sizing Video

I love these Flexi Clips so much that I have decided to host an online party for my family and friends to order!   Please visit HERE if you are interested in ordering.  Right now there is FREE SHIPPING on party orders over $20 closed in August.  My party will close on August 31st, so we all can enjoy this benefit.  Lilla Rose also has a wide variety of bobby pins, hair sticks, headbands, O-rings, and even badge holders!

Carrie has graciously offered to give away one of Lilla Rose's lovely Flexi Clips to one of my special readers!  Please do not enter if you have won a Lilla Rose giveaway in the last 6 months, so as to give others a chance at winning.  Thank you!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gunamuna Bamboo/Cotton Gunapod Wearable Blanket

Safety and comfort.  Two words that come to mind when I think about what I need for my baby to sleep at night.  I need to make sure she will be safe in her cradle.  This means no loose, heavy blankets to get in her face, but the ability to keep her warm and snuggly.  Meet the Gunapod, wearable blanket from Gunamuna.  Now, I know there are millions (okay, not really, but there are a lot!) of companies that have designed wearable blankets, so what makes the Gunapod different, you ask?  

It's called WONDERZiP.  I have never seen a wearable blanket that has a zipper like this! It has 4 all-around zipper pulls for easy on and off, diaper changes, temperature regulation, and the baby's personal preference.  Unzip the bottom portion of the Gunapod to change you sweetie's bum, let them kick their little tootsies, or cool them down if they become too warm!  You can also unzip the bottom to allow you to properly strap the baby into the stroller or carseat while they are wearing the Gunapod.

 The neatest thing about the WONDERZiP is that you can completely open up the Gunapod to put the baby in the blanket if they are already sleeping!  No slipping it on over their head and waking them up.  The zipper opens all the way to the other side and the shoulders unsnap for wake-free dressing.  To me, this is 100% unique, and I love this feature.  

It comes with this nifty tag that shows you all the different ways you can use your Gunapod.

The Natural Collection Bamboo Gunapod is bright and cheerful!  I received orange, but it is also available in a hot pink dot or a brown dot as well and retails for $39.50.  Each one has a slightly different hand-sewn patch to make it unique and special. This version is lighter weight and made from 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton so it is super-duper soft!  The fabric is pre-shrunk, so you know that it won't look wonky when you pull it from the dryer.  The bamboo Gunapod is also antibacterial, breathable, moisture-wicking and eco-friendly.  It is made from 100% naturally grown and sustainable bamboo that is grown without pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals and no irrigation is required for it's growth aside from natural rainfall.  I love using a product that has a great-carbon footprint!  

 The inside has a smooth, fuzzy texture. 

The Gunapod is also a lot longer than any other wearable blanket.  The size small that I received looks like it will fit Livvy for a long time!  I plan to use this one through the winter by layering a warmer sleeper on underneath.  

As you can see, she didn't mind wearing it at all!  She still had plenty of room inside of the Gunapod to kick her feet around and roll back and forth.

See, easy for changing!

The Gunapod is also available in 100% polyester fleece for a warmer, fluffier blanket for winter.  The Classic collection Solid Gunapod comes in light pink, brown, blue and ivory and retails for 29.50.  The Party Collection Striped Gunapod comes in purple, olive, blue and orange and retails for 34.50.  

Another really cool thing about Gunamuna?  They adhere to the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CPSIA, and the British Safety Standard so you know that by using the Gunapod, your child is not only comfortable, but safe too.  Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.  

You can follow Gunamuna on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Be sure to check out their YouTube as well!

The product for this review was provided to me by the company. I do not accept monetary compensation for reviewing products.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Citrus Lane Review and Giveaway

It seems that there is a new trend in online shopping. The subscription box company.  Citrus Lane, a monthly care package for parents, is one such company.  Each month has a new theme with a new set of products.  You receive 4-5 products in each box based on your child's age and gender.  There are no paid product placements and each product is recommended and reviewed by real moms, so you know you are getting a good thing!  The service costs $25 a month and is available in a 3 month subscription for $75, a 6 month subscription for $125 (1 month free,) and a 12 month subscription for $250 (2 months free).  

I was recently sent Citrus Lane's July box for review.  This month's theme was Bon Voyage.  It came in a nifty cardboard box with a bright yellow label.  Upon opening and digging through the yellow tissue, I found a slew of awesome things!  

We received:   
1-Tiny Love Harry the Hippo Stroller toy valued at $7.99
This Cute hippo is very bright and cheery.  He has a lobster claw to attach to a car seat or stroller and when you pull on him, he vibrates and rattles.  Any baby would love this!

2-Chewbeads Bangle valued at $14.50 
This is my favorite from this box!  This bangle is made from silicone and is very soft and squishy.  Perfect for a teething baby.

3-California Baby Travel Set valued at $7.50 (including a coupon for 10% off a travel caddy at
We are already a California baby family, so I was super excited to have this travel kit for the diaper bag!

4-Dapple On-the-Go Baby Laundry Detergent-6 packets valued at $1.99
This would be great for washing a soiled outfit when you are away from home at a hotel, camping, etc.  One packet will clean a sink full of dirty baby duds!  Best of all it is fragrance-free, paraben-free and free of common baby allergens such as soy and nut derivatives.  

5-Me4Kidz Diaper Bag Buddy valued at $5.95
This little travel box is filled with first-aid and diaper-changing essentials and contains items such as disposable diaper sacks, antiseptic wipes, bandages, and a thermometer.  

6-Sincerely Inc 10 free Postagrams valued at $10.00
This coupon allows you to download a free app and make your own personalized Postagram right from your mobile phone and send it anywhere around the globe.  How cool is that?

Each Citrus Lane box comes with this cool card that tells you a bit about each of the products, their values and where you can find them.  

Citrus Lane works with these awesome brands.  In their week-long Pop-Up Shop, you can purchase a number of the great items found in this months box separately.  You can follow Citrus Lane on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.  

As a special treat for my readers, Citrus Lane is offering a 10% discount code good until 8/14.  Please enter Code 10BLOG at checkout.  They are also kind enough to offer a giveaway for one free month of Citrus Lane.  Please see their official rules below. 

The product for this review was provided to me by the company. I do not accept monetary compensation for reviewing products.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.  I am a Citrus Lane affiliate.  If you click on the link, I receive a referral credit for their boxes.