Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beanie Designs Review and Giveaway

Winter is just around the corner and Olivia still doesn't have much hair.  She definitely needs an adorable hat (or two or three) to cover her little noggin, so we were very excited when Beanie Designs sent us one of their lovely infant hats to review.  

We chose the Organic Cotton Cream Stocking Hat with Flower in an 18-36 months size so it will be sure to fit her all winter.  It is absolutely beautiful!  

The baby beanie has this adorable triple-layer crocheted flower and braided tail with a tassle.  It's okay to fake a ponytail since she doesn't have a real one, right?  Right?  

Beanie Designs baby hats come in newborn sizes through 24 months and toddler sizes 2 through ten years.  They are 100% organic cotton and so soft!

It looks so sweet on her and it's comfortable too.  The band doesn't cut into her head or leave any pressure marks on her.  We had lots of fun playing dress up for Winter! 

Beanie Designs has themed hats such as a pumpkin, cupcake, different fruit and animal hats, even mohawk-style hats and baby headbands.  Their products are perfect for a photo shoot or everyday wear.  The average retail price is $26 for one of their adorable crocheted creations.

You can follow them on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook, as well. As an added bonus, Beanie Designs Facebook fans can win a $75 gift certificate by participating in discussions, liking statuses and sharing their thoughts on their page.  The most active fan wins!  

Beanie Designs is offering a giveaway of one of their hats for my readers.  Thank you Beanie Designs!

The product for this review was provided to me by the company.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hamster Buggy Bags

Having two older sons in football this fall, we are very busy.  My husband and I have tons of gear to pack across fields and parking lots to get to the bleachers where they play.  Having a baby, we also have baby stuff to carry too.  The stroller is the most effective way to get her and her stuff to where we need to be but tends to get bogged down with the diaper bag, blankets, water bottles and camera bags.  Loading up the stroller can be dangerous because the likelihood for it tipping backwards is very great when the back end is weighed down by all of our gear.  

This is where the Hamster Buggy Bags have come in great handy!  They evenly distribute the weight of our stuff, keeping our stroller steady and our daughter safe.  

They come in a pack of two, one for each side of the stroller.  

Each of them folds into it's own little bag with a carrying handle. 

You simply attach each bag to the stroller frame with the three fully-adjustable straps.  If the bags are empty, you can leave them attached to the stroller when you fold it up.  If they are full, you can detach the bag using the clips on each strap, so you don't have to unpack the bag every time you are done using the stroller.  The Buggy Bags fit on just about any kind of stroller, even older models such as my 8-year-old Graco.  Although I have found that I need to unclip the strap in the middle so I can fold the stroller with the bags attached.  No big deal, and I am sure that it is only because my stroller is ancient and gargantuan! 

Each Buggy Bag has a long, adjustable strap for slinging over your shoulder.  It has a small zip pocket on the outside perfect for your cell phone and keys, as well as a large outer zipper which gives you access to the entire interior of the bag.  The inside also has a small mesh pocket for little things you may want to keep separate, such as binkies or snacks.  Each bag can hold up to six pounds of supplies per the manufacturer.  The bags would also be very helpful on shopping trips, allowing you to stuff them with your purchases, keeping your stroller frame free of shopping bags and safe from crowds.  I plan on using them with my stroller on our October shopping trip to the Oregon Coast and next year on our trip to Disneyland.  

The Hamster Buggy Bags were invented by a U.K mom whose stroller was always tipping backwards due to the weight of all she would pack into it.  They get their name from the actual rodent hamster cheeks because they can be stuffed full with all you need for an outing with your baby.  They have received multiple awards, including the Gold Award for Best New innovation at the Mother & Baby Awards in 2010.  You can become a fan of Hamster Buggy Bags on Facebook to stay updated on this fabulous product.  The Hamster Buggy bags are available to U.S.-based customers at One Step Ahead for $49.95.  

The product for this review was provided to me the PR Firm.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hulabye Happy Changer Review and Giveaway

My daughter is a little wiggle worm.  Whenever I lay her on the changing table, she either tries to push herself backwards off of it by using her feet to scoot or she rolls from side to side with her legs in the air.  This makes for a difficult diaper changing experience to say the least, not to mention dangerous!  I was so happy when I stumbled upon the Hulabye Happy Changer because it looked like it could be the answer to my problem.  

I told the folks at Hulabye that my daughter's nursery was pink, aqua and white and that they could send any color, pattern and fabric type they wanted.  Upon opening my package, I noticed it was beautifully wrapped and would have made a ready-to-give present perfect for a shower or a new momma.  It looked so pretty, I almost hesitated to unwrap it!  Almost. 

I love that there are instructions with illustrations incorporated into the gift wrapping as well.  They show you exactly how to use the Happy Changer so there is no confusion.  For the purpose of the review, I was sent Soft Pink in the Minky Solids Collection.  

The Hulabye Happy Changer is a vest of sorts that Velcros around your changing pad which you then lay your baby on top of, slip their arms through the holes and velcro back around their waist.  The Happy Changer keeps them in place on the changing table rather than rolling around or reaching down to their diaper area.  If you've ever had a child that does this, you know the potential for a hazardous situation in the event of a messy diaper!  

The Velcro closure on the front is quite adjustable and seems like it would also fit a toddler as well as a smaller baby, too.

The Velcro panel on the back is a huge strip and is very sticky.  

The wide panel allows it to fit best on all 16" contoured changing pads per the manufacturer.

You can see that Hulabye did a fantastic job of matching our little girls room!  I really love how super soft the vest is!  And guess what girls?  It's Machine washable!  Gentle cycle is best and tumble dried.  Just make sure you attach all Velcro pieces so as not to snag other items.

When I put the Happy Changer on the changing pad I found that it fits perfectly.  There was no slipping around or detaching.  

Livvy didn't mind one it one bit.  I really think she felt safer with it on.  Like a big hug!  I felt comfortable using both hands to change her with, as opposed to holding her in place with one hand and changing her with the other.  The Happy Changer definitely made our changing experience easier!

Now she can't roll side to side or wiggle her way off the back end of the changing table.

The Hulabye Happy Changer is a must-have product for any mom with an active baby!  It is available in five different flannel prints retailing for $36.  Hulabye also comes in three different Minky solids for $42 or three Minky prints for $44.  You can check out their website, become a fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Hulabye has been generous enough to offer one of my U.S. readers a Happy Changer in a flannel print of their choice.  Thank you Hulabye! a Rafflecopter giveaway  
The product for this review was provided to me by the company.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Le Bibble Bottle Bibs Review and Giveaway

If you have ever bottle-fed a baby, you know what the potential is for a huge, leaky mess.  Sometimes, you need a mop just to clean up after a feeding.  Le Bibble's baby bottle bib prevents the inevitable after-bottle outfit change, for sure!  

This unique item slips right over the top of the bottle and sits on the neck under the bottle rim.  It easily catches all the dribbles from your baby's leaky mouth during her bottle-feeding.  

The durable elastic collar holds it right where it needs to be and the super-soft organic cotton underlay is very absorbant, keeping your baby and their pretty little outfit, clean and dry!  If you have an excessive dribbler, use Le Bibble with the cotton underlay close to the baby's mouth and rotate the bottle bib as needed.  

It can be used to eliminate bottle confusion at daycare by setting your infant's bottle apart from the rest.  It would also work for sippy cups as well in the same way.  The bright, eye-catching fabric can help baby learn to hold her own bottle and the looped tag can add extra sensory interest, too.  It comes in tons of fun prints and retailing at $9.95 each, or 3 for $27, Le Bibble makes a great shower gift for that mom-to-be! 

Livvy really loved playing with Le Bibble while it was on her bottle.  She is normally breastfed, so she only gets a bottle once and a while when I pump.  I put Le Bibble to the definitely did what it was supposed to and mopped the milk off her chin, when she was actually using the bottle in its intended fashion, to eat.  However, once she was finished she became more interested in chewing on the bottle nipple than drinking it and was also giving me these huge grins while I was taking her picture.  Needless to say, open mouthed smiles with a mouth full of milk makes for a messy baby.  Le Bibble or no Le Bibble.  

Let the cute baby pictures commence!


Le Bibble is "future-friendly" as well.  It is made from US grown certified organic cotton, locally made in the USA and packages are labeled using EarthFirst PLA. And one of my favorite things about Le Bibble is that a portion of all proceeds go to help women, children and babies in need.  I love a company that gives back!

Bottom line...I love this unique product, it is both fun and functional.  Like Le Bibble's motto.  Funfunctional!

Michelle, the professional organizer behind the creation of this ingenious product and owner of her company, is generously offering my readers a giveaway for two Le Bibble Bottle Bibs.  Thank you Michelle! Please checkout her Facebook page HERE and become a fan, follow her on twitter HERE and follow her Pins on Pinterest HERE.    

The product for this review was provided to me by the company.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.

Wittlebee Recap Boxes 3 & 4

In preparation for my fifth Wittlebee box, I wanted to share with you my third and fourth boxes.  I love this subscription service so much!  For $39.99 you get 6 pieces of clothing for your child, and no meltdowns at the store.  I have been a subscriber from back when they had more items in the box with less high-end brands, so I do get more items than new subscribers.  However, the six items is a steal for the value of over $100 worth in each box!

 In addition to receiving an awesome box of surprises for Livvy every month, Wittlebee also donates a onesie to a baby in need for every box that is purchased.  Have I mentioned that I love a company that gives back to the community??!!

You can see my original review of Wittlebee HERE.

Box #3's lovely goodies!

Yellow outfit is Baby Headquarters, Froggy outfit is Carter's Watch the Wear.

Pink outfit is Isabella and Max, Flowered outfit is my coveted Baby Lulu!  

Dress and leggings by Tea Collection.  This is easily my favorite brand and I was so excited to see this dress!!!

Striped tank by Luca Charles and pink tank is super soft, I just can't remember the name :)  The is nothing that compares to Luca for super softness!

Box #4's awesomeness!!!

Rumble Tumble Romper and Skirt

Kicky Pants bamboo shirt (so soft!) and Baby Headquarters Pants

Luca Charles Thermal Shirt (Love this!) and Haute Stuff karate pants (these are very soft as well!)

Vitamins Top and Pants

Finally, a beautiful Velour outfit from Baby Lulu.  *Gasp*

How I love you Wittlebee!  You rock my world!!!  Thank you so much!

Use my referral link and receive $10 off your first box!