Thursday, September 6, 2012

Le Bibble Bottle Bibs Review and Giveaway

If you have ever bottle-fed a baby, you know what the potential is for a huge, leaky mess.  Sometimes, you need a mop just to clean up after a feeding.  Le Bibble's baby bottle bib prevents the inevitable after-bottle outfit change, for sure!  

This unique item slips right over the top of the bottle and sits on the neck under the bottle rim.  It easily catches all the dribbles from your baby's leaky mouth during her bottle-feeding.  

The durable elastic collar holds it right where it needs to be and the super-soft organic cotton underlay is very absorbant, keeping your baby and their pretty little outfit, clean and dry!  If you have an excessive dribbler, use Le Bibble with the cotton underlay close to the baby's mouth and rotate the bottle bib as needed.  

It can be used to eliminate bottle confusion at daycare by setting your infant's bottle apart from the rest.  It would also work for sippy cups as well in the same way.  The bright, eye-catching fabric can help baby learn to hold her own bottle and the looped tag can add extra sensory interest, too.  It comes in tons of fun prints and retailing at $9.95 each, or 3 for $27, Le Bibble makes a great shower gift for that mom-to-be! 

Livvy really loved playing with Le Bibble while it was on her bottle.  She is normally breastfed, so she only gets a bottle once and a while when I pump.  I put Le Bibble to the definitely did what it was supposed to and mopped the milk off her chin, when she was actually using the bottle in its intended fashion, to eat.  However, once she was finished she became more interested in chewing on the bottle nipple than drinking it and was also giving me these huge grins while I was taking her picture.  Needless to say, open mouthed smiles with a mouth full of milk makes for a messy baby.  Le Bibble or no Le Bibble.  

Let the cute baby pictures commence!


Le Bibble is "future-friendly" as well.  It is made from US grown certified organic cotton, locally made in the USA and packages are labeled using EarthFirst PLA. And one of my favorite things about Le Bibble is that a portion of all proceeds go to help women, children and babies in need.  I love a company that gives back!

Bottom line...I love this unique product, it is both fun and functional.  Like Le Bibble's motto.  Funfunctional!

Michelle, the professional organizer behind the creation of this ingenious product and owner of her company, is generously offering my readers a giveaway for two Le Bibble Bottle Bibs.  Thank you Michelle! Please checkout her Facebook page HERE and become a fan, follow her on twitter HERE and follow her Pins on Pinterest HERE.    

The product for this review was provided to me by the company.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.


  1. It was so hard to pick just two but....I like Le Hedgehog and Le Circus Blue <3

  2. This product is genius! I love the fact that is contains the messiness of it all but that it also provides an easy way to separate bottles or cups from the others. I am sure my baby would be less distracted while bottle feeding too and focus on the Le Bibble. These could also make such cute gifts!

  3. So cute!!! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner... Definite shower gift...

  4. So cute! I would pick le zoo and le ele :)