Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hamster Buggy Bags

Having two older sons in football this fall, we are very busy.  My husband and I have tons of gear to pack across fields and parking lots to get to the bleachers where they play.  Having a baby, we also have baby stuff to carry too.  The stroller is the most effective way to get her and her stuff to where we need to be but tends to get bogged down with the diaper bag, blankets, water bottles and camera bags.  Loading up the stroller can be dangerous because the likelihood for it tipping backwards is very great when the back end is weighed down by all of our gear.  

This is where the Hamster Buggy Bags have come in great handy!  They evenly distribute the weight of our stuff, keeping our stroller steady and our daughter safe.  

They come in a pack of two, one for each side of the stroller.  

Each of them folds into it's own little bag with a carrying handle. 

You simply attach each bag to the stroller frame with the three fully-adjustable straps.  If the bags are empty, you can leave them attached to the stroller when you fold it up.  If they are full, you can detach the bag using the clips on each strap, so you don't have to unpack the bag every time you are done using the stroller.  The Buggy Bags fit on just about any kind of stroller, even older models such as my 8-year-old Graco.  Although I have found that I need to unclip the strap in the middle so I can fold the stroller with the bags attached.  No big deal, and I am sure that it is only because my stroller is ancient and gargantuan! 

Each Buggy Bag has a long, adjustable strap for slinging over your shoulder.  It has a small zip pocket on the outside perfect for your cell phone and keys, as well as a large outer zipper which gives you access to the entire interior of the bag.  The inside also has a small mesh pocket for little things you may want to keep separate, such as binkies or snacks.  Each bag can hold up to six pounds of supplies per the manufacturer.  The bags would also be very helpful on shopping trips, allowing you to stuff them with your purchases, keeping your stroller frame free of shopping bags and safe from crowds.  I plan on using them with my stroller on our October shopping trip to the Oregon Coast and next year on our trip to Disneyland.  

The Hamster Buggy Bags were invented by a U.K mom whose stroller was always tipping backwards due to the weight of all she would pack into it.  They get their name from the actual rodent hamster cheeks because they can be stuffed full with all you need for an outing with your baby.  They have received multiple awards, including the Gold Award for Best New innovation at the Mother & Baby Awards in 2010.  You can become a fan of Hamster Buggy Bags on Facebook to stay updated on this fabulous product.  The Hamster Buggy bags are available to U.S.-based customers at One Step Ahead for $49.95.  

The product for this review was provided to me the PR Firm.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.

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