Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hulabye Happy Changer Review and Giveaway

My daughter is a little wiggle worm.  Whenever I lay her on the changing table, she either tries to push herself backwards off of it by using her feet to scoot or she rolls from side to side with her legs in the air.  This makes for a difficult diaper changing experience to say the least, not to mention dangerous!  I was so happy when I stumbled upon the Hulabye Happy Changer because it looked like it could be the answer to my problem.  

I told the folks at Hulabye that my daughter's nursery was pink, aqua and white and that they could send any color, pattern and fabric type they wanted.  Upon opening my package, I noticed it was beautifully wrapped and would have made a ready-to-give present perfect for a shower or a new momma.  It looked so pretty, I almost hesitated to unwrap it!  Almost. 

I love that there are instructions with illustrations incorporated into the gift wrapping as well.  They show you exactly how to use the Happy Changer so there is no confusion.  For the purpose of the review, I was sent Soft Pink in the Minky Solids Collection.  

The Hulabye Happy Changer is a vest of sorts that Velcros around your changing pad which you then lay your baby on top of, slip their arms through the holes and velcro back around their waist.  The Happy Changer keeps them in place on the changing table rather than rolling around or reaching down to their diaper area.  If you've ever had a child that does this, you know the potential for a hazardous situation in the event of a messy diaper!  

The Velcro closure on the front is quite adjustable and seems like it would also fit a toddler as well as a smaller baby, too.

The Velcro panel on the back is a huge strip and is very sticky.  

The wide panel allows it to fit best on all 16" contoured changing pads per the manufacturer.

You can see that Hulabye did a fantastic job of matching our little girls room!  I really love how super soft the vest is!  And guess what girls?  It's Machine washable!  Gentle cycle is best and tumble dried.  Just make sure you attach all Velcro pieces so as not to snag other items.

When I put the Happy Changer on the changing pad I found that it fits perfectly.  There was no slipping around or detaching.  

Livvy didn't mind one it one bit.  I really think she felt safer with it on.  Like a big hug!  I felt comfortable using both hands to change her with, as opposed to holding her in place with one hand and changing her with the other.  The Happy Changer definitely made our changing experience easier!

Now she can't roll side to side or wiggle her way off the back end of the changing table.

The Hulabye Happy Changer is a must-have product for any mom with an active baby!  It is available in five different flannel prints retailing for $36.  Hulabye also comes in three different Minky solids for $42 or three Minky prints for $44.  You can check out their website, become a fan on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Hulabye has been generous enough to offer one of my U.S. readers a Happy Changer in a flannel print of their choice.  Thank you Hulabye! a Rafflecopter giveaway  
The product for this review was provided to me by the company.  All opinions expressed are my own. Others who may use the product may have different opinions.


  1. This is awesome! I love the brown/white print :)

  2. Pink/Green/Brown, this is a great idea.

  3. This is excellent! I like the Pink/Green. Keep sharing such beautiful post.

  4. The brown and white would match my western theme nursery!

  5. I need to win this so bad, I love the blue/green/brown

  6. great idea, much better than a simple strap!

  7. blue green and brown would match our nursery

  8. pink/green/brown would be awesome!! Such a Great idea!! :)

  9. My boy has recently decided that he hates diaper changes. Is this product only for infants? Or could I use it on a 10 month old?

    1. Karen, you could totally use this on him.. It works for kids up to age two :)