Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wittlebee Recap Boxes 3 & 4

In preparation for my fifth Wittlebee box, I wanted to share with you my third and fourth boxes.  I love this subscription service so much!  For $39.99 you get 6 pieces of clothing for your child, and no meltdowns at the store.  I have been a subscriber from back when they had more items in the box with less high-end brands, so I do get more items than new subscribers.  However, the six items is a steal for the value of over $100 worth in each box!

 In addition to receiving an awesome box of surprises for Livvy every month, Wittlebee also donates a onesie to a baby in need for every box that is purchased.  Have I mentioned that I love a company that gives back to the community??!!

You can see my original review of Wittlebee HERE.

Box #3's lovely goodies!

Yellow outfit is Baby Headquarters, Froggy outfit is Carter's Watch the Wear.

Pink outfit is Isabella and Max, Flowered outfit is my coveted Baby Lulu!  

Dress and leggings by Tea Collection.  This is easily my favorite brand and I was so excited to see this dress!!!

Striped tank by Luca Charles and pink tank is super soft, I just can't remember the name :)  The is nothing that compares to Luca for super softness!

Box #4's awesomeness!!!

Rumble Tumble Romper and Skirt

Kicky Pants bamboo shirt (so soft!) and Baby Headquarters Pants

Luca Charles Thermal Shirt (Love this!) and Haute Stuff karate pants (these are very soft as well!)

Vitamins Top and Pants

Finally, a beautiful Velour outfit from Baby Lulu.  *Gasp*

How I love you Wittlebee!  You rock my world!!!  Thank you so much!

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